an igf nominated adventure that invites you
into an abstract and mysterious world
surrounded by carefully designed puzzles

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FREE | Desktop
Creativity is something that we have to look for every day of our life.
Infinite Rotator
FREE | Web | Desktop
Go as far as you can, rotating the tracks and avoiding obstacles in your super fast spaceship!
FREE | LD35 | Web | Desktop
Use a simple shape-shifting mechanic to overcome little obstacles that are presented in each different procedural generated level!
FREE | Android | Web
Arcade jumping adventure where you have to jump to go up as high as you can, avoiding all spiky things
FREE | Android
You just have to tap at the right moment, when the circle turns green, but not when it's red!
Play alone or versus a friend!
FREE | Android
A little balloon lost in a hostile desert. You have to go forward, avoiding all the cactus
Super Pretentious Machine
FREE | Web
A pretty challenging game where you have to collect all the coins you can, so you get the highest score
FREE | Mini-Pulmonear #4 | Web
Tap the letters as they appear on the screen, but not twice!